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Field trials

optima HF in fattening pigs

Improving production performances and health in fattening pigs.

optima HF in sows

Improving the health of the sow and the technical performances of her piglets. 

Humin Detox Liquid in sows

In order to reduce endotoxin pressure.

Humin Detox Liquid in broilers

In order to improve technical performance. 

Results field trial PIGLET ESSENTIAL

Lower feed conversion - Higher weight gain

A very successful Nutrika concept for sows !!


Analysis technical results supplied by our customer; 11.05.2015 - 11.04.2016

More proof of success with our Nutrika products!!

Kombizucht, Nutriprotein en Ka-Plus added to the final feed.
An Austrian customer reports:
  • An average of 5 more piglets weaned / sow / year

Again excellent results with our Nutrika concept: Kombizucht + Nutrisave !!

Analysis technical results supplied by a German customer:

Beef Essential: Pictures of a bull during slaughter

The bull was fed Beef Essential for 3 months, 90gr/day. Please note the red color of the meat.

Results field trial Beef Essential in beef cattle

A beef farmer in Germany sent us following results: